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Signing a Contract
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I was born and raised in Kropyvnytskyi, a town in Central Ukraine. At the age of 16, I relocated to the United States and completed my high school education at Riverview High School in Sarasota. Pursuing my passion for accounting, I began my higher education at the State College of Florida and later earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from the University of South Florida. Additionally, I am a licensed Public Notary in the state of Florida.

During my leisure time, I prioritize fitness by regularly attending the gym and participating in boxing classes. Surprisingly, I have also developed a skill for crocheting, which has become an enjoyable pastime for me. Among my other interests, I find solace in caring for my pet snail and tending to over a dozen potted plants. Reading, which I had to temporarily set aside during my university studies, has once again become a beloved activity for me. Additionally, I am an amateur enthusiast of archery and aim to enhance my skills in this area. Furthermore, I have developed a growing vinyl collection, not solely for collectibles, but as a means of appreciating music in its purest form.

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