Glass Buildings


IBRE has a strong reputation for outstanding client service and maintaining properties to the highest standards.  We manage a diverse portfolio and pride ourselves on being a progressive, energetic organization actively participating in the exciting growth of the region.


IBRE’s proposed role of the management company of the Project falls well within our company focus and organizational strengths.  For over 15 years, we have maintained a market-leading reputation for best of class  management services by maintaining our properties in optimal condition and by developing and maintaining  excellent relationships with Tenants and prospective new Tenants.  Flexible and creative in our management style, we also understand the importance of ‘getting deals done’ and will work diligently with your leasing team to provide top notch construction management for new Tenants.


Acute attention to detail and constant communications are the hallmarks of our Property Management Team.  We tour our buildings on a regular basis and keep Tenants informed of any renovations or maintenance taking place at our properties.  Day Porters may be required on some properties and we have successfully contracted with firms providing these services to offer Owners and Tenants an ideal experience. Most importantly, Tenants can expect a high level of responsiveness and service.